Get Your Health Heard!

Image of a young male presenting person holding a mobile phone. They are wearing white casual clothing, and it is daytime. On the screen is a zebra on a green background. The Zebra is shouting, and saying 'get heard' It is on a bright green background.

Health Heard is a new service that supports you to identify, record and share what's going on for you and your health in a different, more structured way.

Filling out a simple yet thorough questionnaire creates an easy to understand Health Story report. These reports help you, your doctor, your specialist or someone who cares for you to see your health more clearly - all in one go.

You can see how it works here.

This is helpful at an appointment when you have a lot to talk about, and there is not a lot of time, or you are concerned that something is being overlooked. You can also use Health Heard to get a better picture of your health for yourself, or to see what's going well.

Health Heard is especially useful if you are really busy, have trouble with paying attention to your health issues, or with focus, speaking up, or remembering what you might need to say.

We also provide guidance and additional support to help you to use the service and to communicate your concerns effectively.

We are here to help you #GetYourHealthHeard !

This is an early access version of the service. In the near future, our service will be delivered with a lot more pictures, especially in the Health Story reports. And we also plan to offer the service via voice and online chat too. Come on the journey with us!

Try us out now, risk free!

Just £5 for a month's access.Create as many reports as you like. There's no subscription to tie you in, just renew as and when you need to.

Need one-to-one support?

We can provide you with tailored help with getting the most from using Health Heard, preparing for an appointment, or assesment, and having your health concerns heard.

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