About Us

Health Heard is a service designed to help ensure that everyone can take full advantage of digital health, and access the support they need in order to do so.

Our service is based on our original research, innovative technology, and new and emerging understandings of our health and experiences.

We are at the forefront of reinventing healthcare, focusing on what people need most, and bringing new digital health services, insights, data, and opportunities to everyone. 

Our mission is to empower everyone to better understand and communicate their health and care needs, and to participate in digital health resources more effectively.

Additionally, we're helping people to to have their Health Heard in other ways, gathering valuable data and insights about people's health that will have otherwise been missed.

Who are we?

Image of a woman, head and shoulders. She is looking at us, and wearing a jacket and hat in autumn colours. She is also wearing bold glasses in brown. She has blue eyes and reddish hair, tied back.Lucy Wills

Lucy is the founder of Health Heard. She is a service designer, technologist, and researcher who is passionate about human diversity, climate change, and using design to solve problems.

Lucy's journey into healthcare innovation began when she discovered chronic yet long-hidden health issues in her family. Gaining proper diagnosis and treatment has been extremely difficult, with many barriers along the way. This lived experience has motivated her to develop new understandings, services, and approaches that help ensure everyone can access the healthcare they need.

This is a back and white image of a man, shown head and shoulders. He is wearing dark clothing. It's a very stylish image. He is bald, and has a friendly face.Tim Bailey

Tim is a digital consultant and technology leader. He specializes in crafting and delivering award-winning digital technology solutions and in building highly successful organizations.

He also brings experience in strategic design and large data set analysis. Tim holds a BSc in biomedical sciences and an MSc in business.

Advisors - past and present

Anna Gudmundson - business planning and strategy

Beatrice Rogers - innovation consultancy

Eva Pascoe - digital strategy and commercialisation

Helen Keegan - mobile and investment strategy

Ruth Ivimey Cook - software engineering, publications, and Drupal expertise

Lloyd Davis - community building

Sam Farrell - epidemiology and data science

Trevor Dwyer - data management and warehousing

Our Mission

Health Heard is a response to out of the unmet needs of people with Ehlers Danlos Syndromes or Hypermobility syndromes, and heritable connective tissue disorders such as Marfan's Syndrome.

These conditions were previously considered rare, but it turns out that they have not been looked for properly, or get mistaken for other things. Of course we may have other things going on too, that makes it even more difficult to get diagnosed accurately

The challenges we experience are varied and cover many aspects of our health, cognition, and wellbeing, as well as social or systemic barriers. Many of us are neurodivergent too, making this harder to deal with.

Because of this, we now know how to help many more of you with other complex or rare health issues, or who have trouble with communication, memory, focus and attention

We are not here to diagnose, and we're not a replacement for tests and assessments, but we can help you find answers where those services have failed, or not yet found answers.

Medical neglect and mistakes clog up our health service and cost us billions every year. And they can wreck lives. Health Heard helps you, and  helps our health services get better too.