One to One Support

People looking at a computer screen. It has a section of a health questionnaire on it. This section is about you nose. The people are pointing at the screen. We are looking over their should so we can't see their faces.

Extra help and support with using the service:

Our one-to-one services can help you to get the most out of Health Heard, and avoid a lot of fustration and stress.

  • Using a new service can be challenging, especially if it is doing things in a new way.
  • Perhaps you have not used a self-screening service before, and are unsure what to do or say? 
  • And it could be that your health issues or stress are making it harder to focus, remember things, or to identify or describe what's going on for you. 

Our experiences of living with complex health issues and disabilities, and focus and memory problems means that we know the kinds of support and encouragement that really help. 

Contact us to find out how you can book an hour's One-to-one Service Support for £35.

Support to help you make sure your Health is Heard

Our one-to-one conversations are designed to support you to understand and communicate your needs and concerns more effectively, and help you to navigate to the people who are best placed to help.

  • Do you have health issues that you need to discuss with your doctor, yet you feel that your concerns are not being heard or taken seriously?
  • Perhaps you have an upcoming applicaiton or assessment, and are worried about how to explain what you are experiencing or are concerned about?
  • Are you finding it difficult to explain how you are being affected by health problems, your mood, or by difficulties at home, or at work, or in relating to other people?

We can help, and we are here to listen.

We will work with you, at your pace, to help you tell your Health Story, and explore your options, choices and some likely next steps.

We are very well-placed to help you fill in the gaps, and ensure that you find the right help - we've done it for ourselves, and for others uisng strategies and tools from design, well-being coaching, and stress management, as well as plain common sense.

Contact us to find out how you can book an hour's One-to-one Health Heard Support for £35.

Please note, these support sessions are NOT counselling, or a medical appointment, and are no substitute for medical or specialist care, however we hope you will book with us to further your self-screening 'health journey'!