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Photograph of a woman, listening and looking to one side. Her hand is touching her forehead. She looks tired, possibly unwell. She has light skin, dark haair and apprears to be in her 20's. She is wearing a dark green sweater.

3.5 million people in the UK are affected by rare diseases, and 7 million are living with a disability.

If you are one of them, you may also be familiar with the challenges of navigating a healthcare system that doesn't recognize your conditons, or your need for medical care.

Too many of us are struggling to have our health problems fully recognised and heard. This can prevent us from getting the attention care, and treatment we need

Our service has been especially designed to support those of us who have complex health issues, and have found communicating them difficult.

You may have experienced missed or delayed diagnoses, or you may know someone who has. 

You might also need help and guidance to get the most from health services, or need hands on support to use them  - and have struggled to find this

You may need support to use health services, because you have problems with memory or focus, or are short on time and attention.

And even when you feel well, it can be hard to know what you most need to keep an eye on, or how to do this..

Health Heard is part of a whole new way of doing digital health that puts you at the centre and helps:

Two women are seated in a clinical setting. They are both wearing hospital uniforms. One woman appears to be of African origin, the other Asian. It's daylight, and there is a wodow behind themYou and your family identify and take note of, and share health worries so that they are heard and understood in good time.

Doctors and other health professionals have a better, more detailed picture of each person, and more time to look at what's going on and work out what to do next

Public health services like the NHS to see that no one is left out, and which services are best to invest in for keeping everyone safe and well

Organisations providing community health and care to better assess people and tailor each treatment or care to work better for each person and check how well it's working too.

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