How it works


Health Heard is built around 'Health Story' reports, which cover many of the issues typically faced by those of us with complex health problems, as well as how you are feeling and coping.

Health Story reports summarise your health concerns so that you can have a better picture of what is going on, and doctors and clinicians can see your health concerns at a glance. They are not a replacement for tests and health checks, but work alongside them to capture more of what's going on, and make sure nothing is missed.

This is an early access version of the service, where the reports are made from your responses to a structured online questionnaire. You can respond by yourself or with our one-to-one support,.

This is helpful if you are new to doing this, or if you have trouble with concentration or focus.. In the near future, we plan to offer the service via voice and online chat, and for the reports to be much more visual.

We use everyday language and terms that you and your doctor can both understand. Our reports capture the postitive as well as your concerns!

We have helpful guidance to show you how to use the questionnaire and to make the most of the Health Story reports we create from your answers.

Our support and guidance helps make sure you are heard, and your problems and concerns taken seriously.

Printed charts being looked at by people off screen. Somone is pointing a pen at one chart. You can see there hand. The chart doesn't have any detail, but is in attractive bright colours.Health Heard is designed to help everyone:

  • Identify record and share health concerns
  • Manage a health condition or disability
  • Check in on how you're feeling mentally and emotionally
  • Help you keep an eye out for symptoms you may have missed.
  • Find out what might need to be looked into further
  • Get the most from appointments and assessments
  • Work towards long-term goals
  •  #getyourhealthheard !


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